Monday, 25 August 2014

Google Gravity Tricks & Prank Tips I'm Feeling Lucky Google ZERO - 0 Gravity

Google Gravity is the search engine which is based on JavaScript and it was programmed by the Google company in the year 2009. When we are applying the Google gravity feature, some of the applications may not work in future. So use the Google gravity feature carefully.You Can Easily Play Them Pranking Game With Your Friends On This Google Gravity Tricks This Trick Really Amaze Your Friends .

Awesome & Working Like Charm Tricks The Best Tricks On The Internet For Google Gravity

Note :- Use This Tricks Only On Google Chrome Because It Works Faster & Smoother

Google Gravity
Google Gravity

First, we need to open our Internet browser and we need to type the Google gravity on the search bar and we can see the results of this feature. We need to sign into our account and we need to change the preferences of Google by typing into the address bar. If we need to get instant predictions, then we need to select Never show instant results. We need to save our changes at the bottom of the page.

  • When we type in the address bar, it will take to the search engine page.

  • Then we need to type the Google gravity on search bar.
Google Gravity i am feeling lucky
Google Gravity i am feeling lucky

  • Click on I am feeling lucky and see the instant results. 
  • Then we can see that the Google buttons are getting crashing down at the bottom of the page. 

  • We can click on any elements and also we can throw and release on the page for better clarity. 

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